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We’re doing our cable class again on Saturday September 26th at 1PM 

The Class will be taught by Paul Wilson of Audiophilereview.com. The last class was a lot of fun.

RSVP – mike@bigkidstoysav.com  336.340.3945

On behalf of everyone at Big Kids Toys thanks for visiting our web site. Our company, founded in 2002, began with the idea of bringing world class audio and home theater to your home or office. We pride ourselves on customer service. We understand that training is a vital part of a home theater. We want to be your “go to” guys  whether you are looking for a world class home theater, two channel stereo system, or just a pair of headphones for the gym.  Big Kids Toys has expert installers on staff as well with over 30 years of combined experience. Our entire team is dedicated to making sure you have FUN (“You remember fun don’t you?”). Our brands were carefully selected to all budgets,from the modest to the cutting edge.

Because we are not a big box high pressure retail outlet, customer service and education are the primary function of our knowledgeable staff.  Call us or visit and together we can create your home theater or stereo system that will delight you for years to come. We have free monthly training classes on many subjects that always are fun and you will actually learn something. The manufacturers frequently come and give overviews of their lines. Sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned!

With every device known to man streaming now, we’ve become experts on all manner of streaming both video and audio and doing Wi-Fi network analysis and upgrades.

Our August Special — Left-Right Speakers — a compact sub and an NAD amp 

Totem Kin Mini-monitors–Kin mini-sub–NAD 3020 digital amp — MSRP $1598 —- $1275  

Add Tributaries speaker and interconnect cable at a 15% discount 



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